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Looks Like The Real Thing

Tastes Like The Real Thing

Warren Meers 3.0
Self made man 'bot man.

Not who you think I am only on a technicality.


Warren was a robot. Of himself. Don't ask. He got better.
Physically he is 5'9 with a slouch and a gut, such as a person
5'9 weighing 180lbs would have. He also has enough body hair
for the entire state of Rhode Island, located mostly on the
chest. He's from Buffy: The Vampire Slayer.

Incidentally: don't worry about anything he says either: guy's
a jerk, clearly.

a.i., bears, blonds secrectly, blue shirts, brunettes publicly, chickens, computers obviously, creativity, cybernetics, demons, ebay, engleberger, innuendo, kara keating!, misanthropy, myself, nicknames, obligatory star wars/treks, particle physics, physics, programming, quantum physics, robotics, robots, sandwiches, science fiction, sex, snark, sweatpants, ties, tucker wells!, wellses